• Temperatsure Manufacturer of Nordic Ice temperature controlled packaging
  • Temperatsure Refrigerants Reusable refrigerants to meet your specific temperature sensitive shipping needs
  • Temperatsure Coolers Complete line of Foam molded EPS coolers for safe transportation
  • Temperatsure Mailers Insulated mailers and liners to help you ship your temperature sensitive products
  • Pallet Shippers Innovative Solutions for large payloads


Temperatsure Refrigerants

Temperatsure Refrigerants
Temperatsure offers a full line of reusable refrigerants to meet your specific temperature sensitive shipping needs. Our Nordic products come in a multitude of sizes and can be used ambient, hot, refrigerated or frozen to protect your product in a variety of situations.

Nordic Ice
Nordic Ice packs are durable, reusable long lasting poly gel packs that provide reliable temperature sensitive protection for the safe transport of food, pharmaceuticals and medical products.

Nordic No Sweat
No Sweat Gel packs are designed with a multi-layered exterior that minimizes surface condensation. The ability to be able to absorb the moisture created during transits ensures that products arrive in the condition they were meant to be.

Nordic Ice Linked
Nordic Linked gel packs are durable, reusable long lasting gel packs manufactured with a specific high viscosity gel formulation. This product can be made in a variety of sizes with a Poly or No Sweat exterior.

Nordic Bricks
Nordic bricks are a semi ridged foam brick refrigerant that maintains its shape during freezing, thawing and transit. They are designed to maintain packing configurations throughout the distribution cycle. Each brick is injected with a specific amount of coolant and vacuum sealed to ensure consistent weight and performance.

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